Internet Applications Development

Course code:A4M33VIA

Jan Šedivý, Filip Kolařík, Radek Pospíšil, Tomáš Bařina, Tomáš Tunys


This course will teach you how to develop a web application for mobile Android clients. It will include sever as well as mobile client code development. The course focuses on a development of a real application. The server part of the application will use the cloud for hosting. All code will be in java servlets sandbox, and client will be Android. The main goals are:

  • Provisioning and monitoring a cloud server application.
  • REST API design and testing for the servlet code
  • Servlet and native Android client development and testing

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Big Data Technologies

Course code: A4M33BDT

Jan Šedivý, Tomáš Vondra, Tomáš Tunys, Ondřej Pluskal, Martin Pavlík (IBM)


The objective of this course is to familiarize students with new trends and technologies for storing, managing and processing of Big Data. The course will focus on methods for extraction, analysis of Big Data as well as a selection of hardware infrastructure. The emphasis will be on practical hands on experience in managing and analyzing persistent as well as streamed data. We will also show how to apply the traditional methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning to Big Data analysis.

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